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Foreclosure Intervention Assistance

Homeowners! The phone is ringing! You don't answer.  The mail comes and you don't open it.  You are anxious and fearful_losing sleep.  You want to save your home.  You talked to your Lender, but they won't listen.  Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation will give you the confidential help and assistance you need.

QGHC is an affiliate of HOMEFREE-USA an Not for Profit HUD Approved Homeowenership organization with funding from the US Congress.

This service is FREE, DON'T MISS OUT

Metro Boston area residents are encouraged to contact the Foreclosure Intervention Counselor to schedule a 1-on-1 Foreclosure Intervention Consultation.

  • Lender solutuion to bring you relief
  • Fast foreclosure prevention tips
  • An afforable mortage payment

Call (617) 442-5711 to schedule your appointment with the Foreclosure Intervention Counselor:

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