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Reflections on QGHC Promise and Trust

When this Board began its work in 2004, we pledged that we would remain dedicated to the original ideals of the Quincy Geneva founders. We are working to establish and maintain a model community with leaders, organizations and residents working together, sharing common values and a common vision of what our neighborhoods, community and homes can be when citizens are actively engaged in conceptualizing that model.

We use all honorable means to identify and to meet the needs of the residents of the Grove Hall area.  We commit and will use every resource available to ensure that the residents thrive, and not just survive in today’s complex and challenging society.  In the face of economic changes and uncertainties, it is more important than ever that we remain committed to creating affordable housing opportunities and ensuring an affordable rental market for low and moderate income families.  Since a home is more than “Brick-and-Mortar,” it is crucial that we bolster our efforts to maintain programs that nurture the soul and spirit, as well as raise the economic, educational, and social levels of our residents.

We are in earnest and are honest about our desire to foster change for the residents of Grove Hall.  Because trust is critical, be assured that this QGHC board will not take from those we serve or make promises it can’t keep.

John Barbour,
President and Chair

QGHC Board Looks to the Future

QGHC is assessing its target area and reestablishing programs that are aligned with current social and economic concerns.   Housing-acquisition, rental, foreclosure and counseling --Employment, Education, Health, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship are under consideration. Youth development and engagement- work preparation, GED, re-entry, gang prevention/intervention.  We are committed to a holistic approach for our residents that will foster personal growth and skills development while simultaneously addressing the physical attributes of the community. Our hope is to provide residents with the support networks and resources that are critical for individual progress from dependency to self-sufficiency. QGHC will continue to work with its’ existent and new partners to establish the appropriate services that enhance the quality of life for individuals and for the community.

Youth Services Program

An area of special focus is our youth.  Hence, we will develop an innovative approach to engage our youth in a range of programs to enhance their self-awareness and to introduce positive reinforcements into individual and family life.

We envision academic support, personal guidance through values clarification, mentoring, wholesome recreation activities, as well as skill development for leadership and effective decision-making and problem-solving to help youth in the community to become academically successful, socially responsible, physically and mentally fit.

Dr. Christopher Thompson
Executive Director

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