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Our organization is structured into three strategic units:

  • Real Estate and Commercial Property Development - Responsible for assembling proposals for property development and for overseeing financing and construction of these developments.
  • Resident Services Department - Coordinates existing services for children, youth and families and develops new services to meet the needs of residents living in QGHC properties and the in the target area.
  • Workforce Development Department - Creation of job opportunities, skill development and training.
  • Foreclosure - Counseling, prevention, counseling, recycling, rehabbing, property management.
  • Administration and Fiscal Support - After a major reorganization and restructuring, QGHC currently operates with a small staff. The staff consists of the Executive Director, an Executive Assistant, secretary, three resident services workers and volunteers who work on special projects. A financial team including bookkeepers and auditors manages a financial reporting system and submits on schedule all filings and financial reports. QGHC provides technical and financial assistance to a variety of local organizations including the Grove Hall Board of Trade, Grove Hall Main Streets, and Friends of the Franklin Park Zoo

In its operations and administration, QGHC values openness and information-sharing. To keep residents and other stakeholders informed, its major communications tools are:



  • Seated new Board of Directors, elected officers, formed committees, crafted development plan
  • Brought financial obligations current; controlled and contained expenses
  • Submitting audit and financial compliance documents for FY 2007
  • Partnered with Project RIGHT Inc. to increase capacity for resident leadership by organizing tenants at scattered sites to unite them with local neighborhood associations and empower them to create new associations; planning partnerships with entrepreneurial and job training programs
  • Sponsored the first-ever Tenant Appreciation Day event at Franklin Park Zoo for 2005, 2006 and 2007
  • Partnered with Dorchester Bay EDC to renovate Quincy Geneva Housing I (101 affordable rental units) and Infill Project (18 homes at affordable prices)
  • Conducted mark to market assessments of Quincy Geneva Housing II and presently scheduling renovation the goal that all 94 units will remain affordable
  • Negotiating partnership with parties for renovation of Washington Park Housing, with the goal that all 96 units will remain affordable
  • Monitoring the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development on community review process for the Blue Hill Avenue Initiative Task Force
  • In partnership with DBEDC, United Housing Management on revitalization 262 units to remain affordable housing
  • Entered into a partnership with Dorchester Bay CDC, United Housing Property Magnetite rehabilitate and ultimately acquire 276 additional units of affordable housing
  • Initiated discussions to gut rehab 96 units of affordable housing located in the Washington park section of Roxbury
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